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Polish Rottweiler Club Show 13.09.2020

Zaktualizowano: 13 mar 2021

Al Capone vom House Rottik Club Winner + BOS

Brita v.d. Blaven Welle Intermediate class : V1 CWC

We would like to thank you very much for the great atmosphere For doping in the finals on the highest level Justyna Nowak, Renata Ladwik Quattro Zampe Monika Panasewicz and all those who cheered BIG THANKS We would also like to congratulate the breeders for the work they put in for breeding such good dogs, I think the quality of the dogs is getting better every year BRAWO We strongly believe that I will soon be able to call myself a breeder This year's club was the crowning achievement of our work with Al It was a great honor for us to see Al's offspring in the ring We would like to thank you for the wonderful time preparation of the event Piotr Febe, Andrzej Szutkiewicz People who helped with great respect Many thanks to the sponsors Thank you for beautiful photos: Nowak Justyna, Natalia Zarzycka, At the same time, congratulations to all the winners and thank you again and see you next year. Yupiii

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